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Kootenay Rockies Fishing Adventures Ltd.

Fish for the World’s Largest Wild Trout. We take anglers from around the world on spectacular fishing trips of British Columbia’s most pristine lakes and rivers. Our team of professional accredited guides with lead you on an unforgettable fishing experience in one of the finest unexploited fisheries in the world.

Simply the Best Trout Fishing in Canada

Kootenay Rockies Fishing Adventures will exceed all your expectations by providing you with a ‘time of your life’ fishing adventure in the wilderness of the Kootenay Rockies. All year round you will be able to catch trophy Gerrard trout up to 35 lbs (the largest wild trout species anywhere in the world!) or fly fish from spring through autumn for the renowned hard-fighting rainbow trout of the mighty Columbia River. From April to August you will also have the opportunity to catch the landlocked Sockeye Salmon called ‘Kokanee’.

Kootenay Rockies Fishing Adventures are the only fishing professionals offering this specific type of arranged fishing trip to this stunning mountain area of Canada. This is our home and we’ve lived and fished here all our lives. We take pride in sharing our fishing paradise with you, so every meticulous detail is taken care of to ensure you experience your ultimate fishing adventure.

If you are looking for world-class wild trout fishing in a breathtaking wilderness setting, then this is the trip for you! Take some time to review our packages or call us to arrange your own personalized fishing trip. Don’t hesitate to call or contact us with any questions.

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