Walleye Fishing Techniques You Can Try

Walleye Fishing Techniques You Can Try

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Walleyes are popular for their fussy habits when feeding but there are instances one they hit the artificial lures with careless abandon or even the Musky-sized lures. More often than not, you need to tempt and tease them using some presentations of live bait that account for most walleyes caught.

Being a schooling fish, finding one walleye means you will also find others. They usually relate to some structural elements such as rock humps, manmade cribs, breakline transitions, and inside turns. It is the reason why you need precise presentations to offer the bait in the strike zone.

On larger bodies of water, walleye sometimes scatter or even suspend over feature-less bottom following the schools of baitfish. It is the reason why boat control in these applications is one of the most critical aspects of walleye fishing, whether you are trolling with spinner rigs or crankbaits or while working a minnow and jig at a consistent depth.

Here are some techniques that you can try for a successful walleye fishing experience:

Live Bait

Walleye fishing using live bait provides you with versatile presentations. You can fish on slip bobber rig or slip sinker, pull behind a spinner, tip on a jig, or just fish with plain split and hook shot. There are three kinds of live bait that you can use for walleye fishing, namely leeches, nightcrawlers, and minnows.

Fishing with Jigs

The most common lure you can use for walleye fishing is jigs. This gives you the chance to reach those depths inhabited by walleyes. Many walleye angles put live bait on the tip of jigs for added scent and attraction. How you work a jig depends on the specific time of the year that you go walleye fishing. If the water is colder with walleyes seeming more slugging, it is best to use really slow presentation and short gentle taps on your retrieve. If the water is warmer, walleyes are more aggressive and this is when you can try using intense jigging retrieve.

For you to work your jig properly for both cases, this out, allow it to sink to the very bottom, and retrieve with a series of pauses and twitches according to the season. After every switch, maintain the taut line as the jig is sinking back to the bottom. Usually, walleyes hit as the jig sinks. You will not feel a strike if the line is not taut. There are times when you will feel a really distinctive tap and there are also times when you will just feel a light pressure as if you have a hung up jig.

Set your hook once you feel something different. When you fish with jigs, fast action and a sensitive rod is a must have to let you feel the lightest of taps. This fast action will give you the power for instant hookset.


Walleye trolling remains to be one of the most effective ways to locate feeding walleyes, particularly when you are on unfamiliar waters. This technique allows you to cover lots of water in a shorter span of time. Before, trolling for walleye was done through flat lining where a spinner rig or crankbait is cast off the back of a moving boat. Trolling tools today provide many other options for bait presentation.

Tips On How To Become An Expert Kayak Fisherman

In addition to being more affordable, kayak fishing also helps you gain access to fishing areas that you would otherwise find difficult to get to when using a motor powered boat. Additionally, you get to work out and improve your health and fitness due to the increased activity levels.

Use the tips below to improve your kayak fishing skills and get to enjoy yourself more next time you are out on your favourite lake or river.

Safety First

Regardless of how long you have been fishing on a kayak, it’s recommended that you follow a few safety tips to ensure that you continue to enjoy one of your favourite activities for even longer. First and foremost, avoid going out into unknown waters with no knowledge of the conditions to expect. You might end up risking your life by exposing yourself to avoidable risks.

Furthermore, you should always have your safety gear on, regardless of how unappealing you find it. When going fishing in secluded waters, bring a friend or two, or leave specific directions to where you are headed to. If anything were to happen, this information would be vital to trace your whereabouts.

Positioning The Kayak

Correctly positioning your kayak, when paddling to your intended fishing spot and upon arrival at your preferred location, will make your work much more comfortable. If you find that you are paddling against a strong current, move closer to the shore where the flow is much weaker.

To keep your kayak stationary, in your preferred fishing position, try using your leg where possible. Of course, the best solution is to use an anchor.

Alternatively, you take advantage of the kayaks small size and use eddies to maintain your position. All you need to do is paddle to your desired location and then manoeuvre right into swirls; where present.

One-Handed Control

Learning to paddle your kayak using one hand can help you avoid the escalation of a situation where your other hand is busy pulling in a catch, holding a beer or your favourite snack.

Furthermore, learning how to use one hand to cast your fishing line is vital to your transition into an expert kayak fisherman. This gives you better control and balance, especially because you are in an unstable, and lower than normal position.

With the above tips in mind and practice every time you are out on the water, you will be able to transition into a kayak fishing expert in no time.

Assess Optima Marine Batteries On These Features

Optima is one of the premier marine battery manufacturers in the world. Their high-quality batteries have set new standards for marine electrical equipment in the industry. Optima has a wide range of marine batteries designed specifically for different purposes. If you are planning on buying a new Optima marine battery, go and check trolling battery guides website and here are the features that should be on the top of your checklist.

Battery Capacity

Depending on the type of use and the number of electrical accessories on your boat, you might need a battery with a high or low charge capacity. If you have multiple gadgets like TV, electric heater, navigation systems, radar systems, etc. on your boat, installing a higher capacity battery is a wise choice. Make sure that you always carry an extra battery on the boat as a precautionary measure to running out of juice for the trolling motoroptima marine battery.

Charging Cycle Capacity

There are primarily two different types of charging cycles on the Optima marine batteries. These include deep and normal cycle. If you are planning on using the battery for an extended period go for a deep cycle battery. However, in case you are planning on charging the battery again and again after every trip, a normal cycle battery is more suitable to your use case. A deep cycle battery takes a significantly smaller time to recharge and retains the power for a longer time compared to the normal cycle batteries.

Vibration-Proof Casing

If you are planning on placing the battery very close to the motor, you need to purchase a battery with a vibration-proof coating on it. This coating will significantly reduce the amount of damage caused by vibrations.

Easy Hook-up with Generators

Make sure that you purchase a battery that hooks up with the generators very easily. Without the right connections, you cannot recharge your battery after every cycle. The easy-hook-up functionality will ensure that you don’t have to invest in hiring a technician for recharge purposes.

Portability and Weight

The various sizes and capacities of Optima batteries make it ideal for portable operations. In case you wish to install the battery on a small fishing boat, you can purchase one that is both lightweight and portable. This way, you can easily disconnect the battery from the motor and carry it to your home for a quick recharge. In case of heavy duty operations, you need to focus on the charging capacity more than the portability factor.

Warranty Period

Optima batteries have an excellent life cycle and they rarely go out of use even on extreme levels of wear and tear. However, it is always good to have an extended warranty for batteries to save money on repairs in the long term. With a long warranty period, you can easily rely on a technician to fix the battery for a small fee.

Choosing the right Optima battery will help you discover the unchartered territories of the sea without breaking a sweat. Invest in the right batteries to enjoy peace of mind at the ocean.

Miami Fishing Charters

I always like to preface a fishing article with a reference to something else that inspires me. Read this one here for some good insights.

Now for the main event


If you are going for an in-depth sea fishing journey, one excellent location would be Miami. This town is loaded to the top with the various several fascinating enjoyment possibilities. Beginning from its ideal, pristine seashores up to its outstanding museums, Las Vegas would never run out of actions to entertain you. Nevertheless, one of the most well-known actions in Miami would be offshore fishing. It is a beautiful identity for such an action because of the “Gulf stream,” which is a stream that is part of the Sea Ocean via the Seaside of Mexico’s heated voltages.
Reason on why people should choose to go charter fishing in Miami.
The Miami fishing charters LLC have “Spellbound,” a 56 ft rental motorboat. It is regarded to be the number 1 rental motorboat around Las Vegas Seaside, for whatever type of fishing action you are into; whether it is light deal with fishing, offshore rental to big activity fishing.

From the docks of Bait casting reel Experience Charters, you will be in the Seaside Stream in no time! It only requires about 10 minutes of the journey. This benefit in variety makes their history for big grabs quite an amazing one.
The key about Destin Sports fishing is the charter boats that capture a lot of the seafood. Many of the fishers travel further south where there are a lot of the coral reefs for seafood to collect. Destin has a lot of men created coral reefs where the residents have sunk a lot of things such as poultry cages to create these rich waters loaded with seafood.

Charters are very spacious, usually with the highest possible capacity of six individuals. If you are having a party of 2 or 3 only, you can then organize for “split charters.” They offer you with everything you need, except for your beverages and food.
Safety factors tips to be considered when choosing to go Miami fishing charters LLC
Even the very best fishing guides require being notified in advance to help them prepare for the excursion. It is ideal to tell the company about the time and spot of fascination at the earliest. This makes it possible for the expert to make all the needed preparations for the excursion. Charges for the companies depend on the location and variety of the constitution. Hold this kind of facts in the head even though preparing the vacation with the authorities.

Certain boats are excellent for particular weather conditions situations so request the fishing charters for their advice. As the specialists use the boats frequently, they are acquainted with how they respond throughout particular weather conditions situations. This is the best way to ensure the right boat is selected for the trip. Fishing excursions can be offered to ask for. Men and women with children are advised to take into account the tour offers. This enables them to get their kids to different details excellent to catch salmon and steelheads. These support providers are outfitted with the latest resources to increase the encounter of fishing.

Miami Beach Shark Fishing is here to help you with all your Miami fishing questions. You demand the absolute best in life. And that includes the very best fishing. So why not set sail with the captain, and experience some of the most amazing fishing excitement in all South Florida. We’re talking about the best and most popular shark fishing excursions in South Florida. With new fishing equipment, the finest service, entertainment, knowledge and shark fishing experience in the Miami Florida area. We love what we do – and you get all the benefits. To find the best deals and captains for Miami Fishing Charters, visit http://miamifishingcharter.org/

Fish Artwork – T Shirts, Posters, Stickers, Calendars and More


Popular fish art includes tees, sticker labels, buttons, magnets, schedules, posters, prints as well as even more.

Fish and also Fishing T tee shirts

T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf tee shirts, as well as other clothing, are among one of the most typical forms of fish as well as fishing art. Anglers, as well as angling enthusiasts, love to show their favorite fish, charter boat, event, angling port, conservation problem, or amusing motto on garments.

Fish Stickers, Buttons as well as Magnets

Fish sticker labels have ended up being extremely popular amongst fishermen and art enthusiasts. Traditional decal has been signed up with by smaller sized other forms as well as oval sticker labels. In enhancement to glue sticker labels, magnets and buttons allow users to connect their favorite pictures to practically any surface. These items consist of images of popular freshwater and also deep sea fish, names of ports as well as classifications of specialty angling.

Fishing Calendars

Schedules are faves among anglers and also fish fanatics. Fishing schedules serve to maintain fishermen organized while reminding them of what exists in advance regarding angling opportunities. With numerous specialties in the sport of angling, there is a schedule for every single type of fishers or family members of fish.

Fish Identification Posters

A selection of posters is offered which show teams of fish, allowing recognition of comparable types. While these posters in some cases started as educational tools, they promptly ended up being popular among fishermen, collection agencies, and nautical art fans.

Fish Photography

Fish digital photography has been popular for centuries. Fish are photographed in a range of means. Fishermen’s might photograph fish before releasing them. Various other musicians can record fish in the all-natural atmosphere, either leaping or photographed from above. Various other musicians record pictures of fish being captured readily or on screen in seafood markets. Fish are likewise photographed in aquariums and other display screens. Among the most striking fish photos are those that are recorded undersea, using special cams and also lights.

Fish Carvings

Wooden fish are exceptionally preferred. The art form began as anglers developed appeals made use of in ice angling and also other applications. Later on, collection agencies saw the appeal of these items and started showing them to the general public. In various other situations, decoy carvers and also various other animal carvers chose to branch out as well as depict fish with their craft. The popularity of wooden fish escalated and today carved fish art is typical in practically every maritime community.

Gyotaku Fish Art

A process understood as Gyotaku originated around two thousand years earlier in Asia. The Gyotaku strategy permits a duplication of information from fish to art. The fundamental strategy is relatively easy. Musicians apply paint or ink to a real fish, after that paper or canvas is continued the sampling. The paper or various other media is carefully peeled to expose the similarity.

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Dragonflies will show up at your pond attracted by the water, in which they will lay their eggs, and the other by the other insects, which they will make their prey. They are the most amazing insects in their ability to fly and hunt their prey.

Dragonflies are generally bigger than the daintier Damselflies. Upon resting on a plant stem Dragonflies will hold their wings out from their bodies and Damselflies will fold their wings up over their backs.

Flying is what Dragonflies do really, really well. They can fly along at 35 miles an hour, and like a stunt car driver, switch their direction within one body length. Then they can hang about in one position and linger or, in the next instance, fly backwards. Their two sets of wings work independently of each other and can rotate to make the maximum use of air pressure across their surfaces. All this so impressed the United States Armed Services that they have shown a marked interest in Dragonfly research. 

While doing all this marvelous flying they will manage to spot a flying mosquito with their multi-faceted eyes (10,000 to 30,000 facets depending on the species), swoop down, catch the insect in a basket of sorts they make with their front legs, and eat it on the wing. The original fast food. 

Dragonfly nymph

Dragonflies mate while flying over the pond and deposit their eggs in the water, usually by perching on a lily pad or clinging to the side of a plant. The adult’s life cycle ends with the coming of fall and winter. The eggs hatch in the pond and turn into nymphs, the special name for Dragonfly larvae. The nymphs live in the water and prey on other insect larvae, infant fish and tadpoles. 

Dragonfly nymphs are especially fearsome. They will lay in wait for their prey. When prey is spotted they can shoot forward at rapid speed thanks to a jet of water they expel through their abdomen. Then they extend a specialized foldable jaw which rests under their heads to make an even quicker grab of their hapless meal. 

Come spring the nymphs shed their exoskeleton for the last time. Somehow they know that they are now to live life above the waters’ surface from now on. They climb up on a plant stem, split the back of their exoskeleton and crawl out of it. They spread their brand new wings and let them dry in the sun. Their wings and bodies are now one of dazzling array of colors depending on their species. When their wings are dry they fly off leaving their old bodies behind them still perched on the plant stem. Soon they are hunting insects around the pond and providing an impressive aerial display to anyone who cares to sit by the pond and enjoy it.

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