Assess Optima Marine Batteries On These Features

Optima is one of the premier marine battery manufacturers in the world. Their high-quality batteries have set new standards for marine electrical equipment in the industry. Optima has a wide range of marine batteries designed specifically for different purposes. If you are planning on buying a new Optima marine battery, go and check trolling battery guides website and here are the features that should be on the top of your checklist.

Battery Capacity

Depending on the type of use and the number of electrical accessories on your boat, you might need a battery with a high or low charge capacity. If you have multiple gadgets like TV, electric heater, navigation systems, radar systems, etc. on your boat, installing a higher capacity battery is a wise choice. Make sure that you always carry an extra battery on the boat as a precautionary measure to running out of juice for the trolling motoroptima marine battery.

Charging Cycle Capacity

There are primarily two different types of charging cycles on the Optima marine batteries. These include deep and normal cycle. If you are planning on using the battery for an extended period go for a deep cycle battery. However, in case you are planning on charging the battery again and again after every trip, a normal cycle battery is more suitable to your use case. A deep cycle battery takes a significantly smaller time to recharge and retains the power for a longer time compared to the normal cycle batteries.

Vibration-Proof Casing

If you are planning on placing the battery very close to the motor, you need to purchase a battery with a vibration-proof coating on it. This coating will significantly reduce the amount of damage caused by vibrations.

Easy Hook-up with Generators

Make sure that you purchase a battery that hooks up with the generators very easily. Without the right connections, you cannot recharge your battery after every cycle. The easy-hook-up functionality will ensure that you don’t have to invest in hiring a technician for recharge purposes.

Portability and Weight

The various sizes and capacities of Optima batteries make it ideal for portable operations. In case you wish to install the battery on a small fishing boat, you can purchase one that is both lightweight and portable. This way, you can easily disconnect the battery from the motor and carry it to your home for a quick recharge. In case of heavy duty operations, you need to focus on the charging capacity more than the portability factor.

Warranty Period

Optima batteries have an excellent life cycle and they rarely go out of use even on extreme levels of wear and tear. However, it is always good to have an extended warranty for batteries to save money on repairs in the long term. With a long warranty period, you can easily rely on a technician to fix the battery for a small fee.

Choosing the right Optima battery will help you discover the unchartered territories of the sea without breaking a sweat. Invest in the right batteries to enjoy peace of mind at the ocean.

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