Tips On How To Become An Expert Kayak Fisherman

In addition to being more affordable, kayak fishing also helps you gain access to fishing areas that you would otherwise find difficult to get to when using a motor powered boat. Additionally, you get to work out and improve your health and fitness due to the increased activity levels.

Use the tips below to improve your kayak fishing skills and get to enjoy yourself more next time you are out on your favourite lake or river.

Safety First

Regardless of how long you have been fishing on a kayak, it’s recommended that you follow a few safety tips to ensure that you continue to enjoy one of your favourite activities for even longer. First and foremost, avoid going out into unknown waters with no knowledge of the conditions to expect. You might end up risking your life by exposing yourself to avoidable risks.

Furthermore, you should always have your safety gear on, regardless of how unappealing you find it. When going fishing in secluded waters, bring a friend or two, or leave specific directions to where you are headed to. If anything were to happen, this information would be vital to trace your whereabouts.

Positioning The Kayak

Correctly positioning your kayak, when paddling to your intended fishing spot and upon arrival at your preferred location, will make your work much more comfortable. If you find that you are paddling against a strong current, move closer to the shore where the flow is much weaker.

To keep your kayak stationary, in your preferred fishing position, try using your leg where possible. Of course, the best solution is to use an anchor.

Alternatively, you take advantage of the kayaks small size and use eddies to maintain your position. All you need to do is paddle to your desired location and then manoeuvre right into swirls; where present.

One-Handed Control

Learning to paddle your kayak using one hand can help you avoid the escalation of a situation where your other hand is busy pulling in a catch, holding a beer or your favourite snack.

Furthermore, learning how to use one hand to cast your fishing line is vital to your transition into an expert kayak fisherman. This gives you better control and balance, especially because you are in an unstable, and lower than normal position.

With the above tips in mind and practice every time you are out on the water, you will be able to transition into a kayak fishing expert in no time.

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